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Traje de fiesta y noche flamenco

Party Dresses

Hand made

The bespokeparty dresses are one of the hallmarks of the brand.  Whether you prefer to choose the pieces present in our collections or have them specially designed for you. Lina 1960 combines current trends with traditional regional features. The artisanal elaboration, the quality of the fabrics and the richness of the ornaments, such as embroidery or fringes, are typical of the firm.

Spanish Mantilla


Since Queen Elizabeth II of Spain popularized it in the 19th century, the mantilla has become a garment full of meaning. Its use is restricted fundamentally to bullfights and weddings, where they acquire a more festive character. However, they serve a greatest purpose during the Passion Week as a symbol of mourning. There is a whole protocol around this garment, which Spanish families preserve, following a historical tradition.