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Lina Experience


Since its inception in a modest workshop of Seville in 1960, Lina has received both public acclaim and institutional recognition due to the singularity of its designs. The exhibit “Lina, dressing Flamenco” took place between May 2013 and January 2014 in the Museum of Arts and Popular Customs of Seville surpassing 38K visitors. The show displayed several types of attire used in fairs, pilgrimages, Flamenco shows and some less frequent events. A tribute to the quality and originality of Lina´s work for over half a Century. The creations made by the firm for the entertainment industry throughout the years have endowed each piece crafted at the house with the artistic and cultural features of Flamenco aesthetics.

With this in mind, and because we believe that experience coupled with first-hand knowledge creates a lasting memory, we have developed an exclusive behind the scenes look at the storefront and workshop at Lina 1960. The aim of this project is to consider the history of the Flamenco dress from the perspective of the craftsperson, who preserves and dignifies this outstanding tradition.