River of Roses


The River of Roses collection is sentimental, calm, peaceful, unconditional love … The ROSE, after all, is an universal symbol of love, its color the most heart-felt in existence, and the RIVER a symbolic pathway, a connection, a sign of abundance, ROSARY, life … In this game of words, a nod to the truth, to something more than complicity, to knowing how to read between the lines …

Lina’s new collection of flamenco dresses is a reaffirmation of the two-piece flamenco dress. Ideal to wear in the Real for the April Fair or any other festive occasion. The skirts this year are low-waisted with layered ruffles and the traditional flight of organdy Lina petticoats adorned with ribbon, embroidery, or bobbin lace.

LINA 1960


Distinguished by scrupulous attention to detail and unsurpassed traditional craftsmanship, qualities unfathomable in the world of factories and no mass production, Lina is known for a deep knowledge of the arts, southern Spanish tradition, and the history of fashion, all of which are apparent in every dress.

The result of such an adherence to process and detail are one of a kind pieces hand-sewn and tailored to perfection, the hallmark instituted by Marcelina Fernández, Lina’s founder, and maintained today by her daughters, Rocío y Mila Montero.


Trajes de flamenca

La nueva propuesta de trajes de flamenca de Lina 1960, Río de Rosas, trae un colorido especial y un corte único. Lina guarda la esencia del traje de flamenca e innova ensalzando la belleza de la mujer.

Como cada año, Lina trae dos propuestas a la pasarela SIMOF: La esencia del traje de flamenca reinventado, pero con cortes clásicos, el “must” que toda flamenca debe tener y la colección que es la tendencia, trajes de flamenca a la última.

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