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Flamenco Dance Clothing

  -  Flamenco Dance Clothing
Baile flamenco

Flamenco Dance Clothing

Designed for dancer

Using the finest fabrics and designed to make your rehearsal garments comfortable at all times. Also including Stage Costumes with the quality and guarantee of Lina 1960.

Tailed Gowns

Hand made

Dressing Flamenco is both a challenge and a great responsibility. There are some formal requirements that must be rigorously studied and reviewed so that the final piece is worthy of this constantly evolving universal art. For us, the details are fundamental. In the same way that musical instruments, palms or voice make up the acoustic expression, a flamenco dress or a gown are visual instruments at the service of the spectator. Each stitch responds to a careful technique, to which we must add the quality and suitability of the fabrics and the originality of the patterns. The sum of all the above provides our garments with a unique presence and comfort.